O2C (oxygen to see)


- a diagnostic device for non-invasive determination of oxygen supply in microcirculation of blood perfused tissues

The optical sensor is easy to handle and guarantees reproducible examinations of local oxygen supply of tissues in clinics as well as in research. The examinations are without any strain for your patient.

determines by use of a glass fibre probe:

This device makes it possible to supervise the local oxygen supply of organs and tissue.

Fields of Application:

With this system it is possible to diagnose:

Monitoring of Energetic Metabolism of Cells

With it is possible to measure locally the amount of oxygen which is transported into the region of interest and to diagnose local oxygen consumption of an organ. O2C's novelty is monitoring the energetic metabolism of cells by measuring the oxygen uptake with an optical sensor probe. Pathological O2-supply, which can lead to angiogenesis or cell-death and subsequently to organ failure, now can be detected in an early state by use of the new sensor system.

Monitoring of Oxygen Supply Simultaneously in Different Layers of Tissue

is a multiple channel system which makes it possible to determine perfusion quantities and oxygen values. Channel 1 records the superficial oxygen saturation of hemoglobin (e.g. of the skin), while channel 2 monitors the oxygen supply and hemoglobin values of deeper tissue (e.g. skeletal muscle), due to the extended measurement volume.

The measurement principle of the device relies on a combination of laser-Doppler-technique and tissue spectrometry. Different application at the skin, internal organs and in the intestinal tract are possible by flexible glass fibre probes .

Main Screen

The main screen is divided into the following parts, providing you with a good overview for all clinical problems:

Device Types

O2C is available in 15 variations. The variations differ in number of connected probes, the different number of channels, measuring depths of a probe and the parameters which can be recorded per channel.
A measurement channel is usually equipped both with a laser-Doppler measurement unit and with a tissue-spectrometer-unit with white light source (O2C). For the different device and technical data refer to the pdf file.