Company Profile LEA Medizintechnik GmbH

 Thomas Derfuss

LEA Medizintechnik GmbH
Ludwig-Rinn-Str. 10
35452 Heuchelheim
Tel.: ++49 (0)641 32 055 064

HRB: 3504 Amtsgericht Giessen
USt.-I: DE 176 796 533


LEA was founded in 1995 with the objective of transferring new optical methods for non-invasive investigation of vital parameters from intensive clinical research into products with strong demand on the clinical market. LEA has many years of experience in developing sensor technology, measurement probes, flexible software solutions, ergonomic, customer oriented user interfaces and in producing PC supported diagnostic devices. The technical basis of the devices has been developed and verified by an high qualified team of engineers, technicians, human biologists and physicians in cooperation with research facilities and hospitals. Up to now LEA and its partners have applied altogether for five patents of hardware and measuring methods resp. acquired the rights for them (mostly worldwide). Furthermore four brands (OptoFlow, AbTisSpec, O2C and CytoSpec) had been registered. Essential for the competitive advantage is the know how which is reflected by the self developed theoretical models and the interpretation of the measured values. This knowledge is, to the bigger part, protected knowledge of the company and generates an important basis for the current development. New studies are permanently carried out with LEA devices. Some are already completed and published and therewith they are showing steadily new fields of application. The close contact to hospitals and the permanent feedback of the users permit an optimal, application-oriented development of our devices.


A basic characteristic of the organisation of LEA is the close interlocking of the subjects of medicine, engineering, marketing and distribution. LEA employs employees from the subjects of human biology, medicine, electrical engineering, medical engineering, informatics and business economics. The knowledge and qualification of each is supplemented by the training of each in each other subject. This ensures an optimal feedback between the employees. Thus a very close connection between development, production and distribution is created, in order to react to a shift of the market and to factor the customer wishes into the Development. A flat hierarchical structure allows that the whole process flow can be seen through by a single employee, which is an unbeatable advantage for an unbureaucratic problem solving, to the benefit of the customer. The benefit of the customer and a prompt and reliable solution of his problems have top priority for LEA. For the assurance of highest demands on quality our company is accredited according to DIN ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 and our devices are up to standard to MPG (the german medical device act which is enforcing the medical device directive 93/42/EEC).

Innovation / Perspectives

LEA occupies a top position by worldwide unique characteristics of its products and proceedings, globally secured by patents. LEA devices allow a non-invasive measurement of blood circulation, oxygen saturation and, for the first time, the oxygen consumption in several tissue depths. Thus it is possible to measure the tissue vitality as well as the muscle movements in realtime without big devices. The intention of our company is to achieve the market leadership for non-invasive optical sensors for the measurement of oxygen supply in tissue, in Europe and the U.S. This is provided by a permanent extension of the distribution network, both in direct distribution and with an increasing number of highly motivated distribution partners. A permanent extension of the fields of application is provided by several studies in Europe and the U.S. By now there are studies with LEA devices in many fields of application like plastic surgery, vascular surgery, diabetes, abdominal surgery, wound healing (CVI, ulcera, etc.), intensive care (patient monitoring), transplantation, therapy control and cardiac surgery. LEA continues to make assiduous efforts to realize customer loyalty by upgrading the device service and guidance and application guidance. This is provided by a highly adaptive evaluation tool and a range of services. In the future LEA will enter the market as a service provider with flexible software tools. These software tools are adapted for customized wishes and problems of data evaluation. They offer solutions for data interfaces, signal processing, source of error analysis and the entire statistics and archival storage. The supply of services will reach from study design and study evaluation to the solution of data archiving.